Estonian Events


1.  The name of the Society is the "ESTONIAN SOCIETY"

2.  The objects of the Society are:

     a)  To promote the welfare of persons born in Estonia or born elsewhere of Estonian descent or other persons who have assisted Estonia or Estonians.

     b) To assist those persons, above mentioned, who may be in need of assistance, financially or otherwise.

     c) To promote communication and mutual helpfulness amongst the members of the Society.  To promote Estonian cultural activities such as folkdances, folksongs and learning of the Estonian language and history, all in accordance with the cultural aims of Canadian society.

     d) To provide rooms and grounds for the use of the members of the "Estonian Society" and to furnish and maintain the same, and to permit the same to be used by members of the said Society and their friends, but not to own, manage or operate a social club.

     e) To purchase, lease, hire, or otherwise acquire for the purposes of the Society any real or personal property, and in particular any lands, buildings, furniture, club and household effects, utensils, books, newspapers, periodicals, conveniences and accomodation, and all other things common or conveniently used in connection with a Society, and to sell, demise, let, mortgage, or dispose of them.

     f) To erect, maintain, improve, or alter any buildings for the purposes of the Society.

     g) To provide recreation for the members of the Society, and to make provision for the safe custody of goods belonging to members of the Society, and to assist members of the Society in finding employment.

     h) To make and pass such bylaws and regulations as may be deemed advisable to carry on the affairs of the Society, including, but without affecting the generality of the foregoing, provision for membership fees and for the general financing of any and all of the objects for which the Society is formed.  Provided, however, that no profits or dividends shall be paid out of any income received by the Society to any of its members.

     i)  To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.

3.  The operations of the Society are to be chiefly carried on in the City of Vancouver, in the Province of British Columbia.



     The By-Laws of the "ESTONIAN SOCIETY" of Vancouver, (hereinafter referred to as the "Society") are as follows:-

I.          MEMBERSHIP

      (a)   Membership in the Society shall be open to all persons over the age of eighteen (18) years who were born in Estonia or whose parents or descendants were born in Estonia.

      (b)   All persons complying with the conditions set out in Clause (a) herein shall automatically become members of the Society upon making application for membership to the Secretary of the Society.

      (c)   Each member shall pay the sum of One ($1.00) Dollar on application to the Society for membership.  The amount of the fee may be changed at any general meeting by a majority of the members present and entitled to vote.

      (d)   Other persons who do not comply with the conditions as set out in Clause (a) herein may be admitted as honourary members and membership as honourary members shall be determined by the Society on the recommendation of the Board of Directors.

II.           MEETINGS

      (a)    The annual meeting of the Society shall be held in the second week of February in each and every year for the election of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary and three Directors.

      (b)   Seven (7) days' notice calling the annual general meeting shall be given by forwarding a circular letter to each member of the Society stating the time and place of such meeting.  A majority of the active members shall constitute a quorum for the annual general meeting.

      (c)   The Board of Directors may call special meetings at such time or times as it may think necessary by forwarding a notice to the members of such meeting and of the objects for which such meeting is to be held, such notice to be given not less than seven (7) days before the time of such meeting. 

      (d)   Voting shall be by a show of hands or, if demanded by a majority of the active members present, by ballot, except that in the case of election of officers voting shall be by secret ballot.


      (a)   The Board of Directors of the Society shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary and three Directors.

      (b)   The term of office of the Board of Directors shall be for the period of one (1) year from the date of its election.

      (c)   The President shall preside at all meetings of the Society and of the Board of Directors.  He shall not vote on an open ballot except where there is a tie vote, he may in his discretion cast an additional vote.  Where the voting is by secret ballot, he may vote but shall not be entitled to an additional vote in the case of a tie.

      (d)   Any Director or other officer may be expelled at any regular meeting for misconduct or other wilful breach of the By-Laws and Regulations of the Society, but a majority of three-fourths of those present at such meeting must vote in favour of such expulsion.

      (e)   The Board of Directors may do and execute on behalf of the Society all such matters as are within the legitimate objects of the Society and in accordance with the By-Laws; and all such acts and orders under the powers delegated to them shall be as valid and effectual as the acts and orders of the Society in general meeting.

      (f)   The Treasurer shall keep a full set of books and accounts to show the position of the Society and shall deliver to the Directors a report at any time they may require  the same, but at the annual meeting of the Society, the Treasurer shall pay in to a chartered bank approved by the Directors all monies received and, cheques on such account, shall be drawn in the name of the Society only and signed by a Director and Treasurer, or by any two Directors as may be selected by the Board of Directors.

      (g)   The Board of Directors may at its discretion appoint such standing or special committees as it shall deem necessary.


             For the purpose of carrying on its objects, the Society may borrow or raise or secure the payment of money in such manner as it thinks fit, but none of these powers shall be exercised without the sanction of an extraordinary resolution.

             "Extraordinary resolution" means a resolution passed by a majority of three-fourths of the members entitled to vote as are present in person at a general meeting of which notice specifying the intention to propose the resolution has been duly given.

VI.          AUDIT

              The books of the Society shall be audited by those persons appointed by the Board of Directors.  The said auditors shall hold office for a period of one (1) year and may receive remuneration at the discretion fo the Board of Directors.


               The Society's seal shall be kept by the Secretary and shall be affixed to documents requiring sealing only in the presence of a Director and the Secretary.


               By-Laws may be altered at any regular meeting by notice of the same being given at a previous meeting of the alterations proposed to be made, and on the same being approved by a majority of three-fourths of such members entitled to vote as are present.  Notice of such proposed change shall be sent to all members of the Society seven (7) days before the meeting at which the proposed alterations shall be voted upon.

IX.            MINUTES

                The Secretary shall record a full statement of the proceedings at the annual meeting and of all the subsequent meetings, and shall enter the same in a book for that purpose, and he shall also keep minutes of meetings of Directors and other records of the Society.


                All minutes and records shall be open for the inspection of any member at such time and place as may be from time to time specified by the Directors.


      (a)      The order of busines at the meetings of the Society shall be as follows:

                (i)     Reading of minutes.

                (ii)    Communications and bills

                (iii)   Applications of new members

                (iv)    Reports of committees and delegates

                (v)     Unfinished business

                (vi)    New business

                (vii)   Good and welfare

                (viii)  Adjournment

      (b)      Save as otherwise herein contained, the Roberts Rules of Order shall govern all meetings of the Society.

XII.           HEAD OFFICE

                The Head Office of the Society shall be at Suite 204, 16 East Hastings Street, in the City of Vancuver, in the Province of British Columbia, or such other place as the Directors may designate.

The following persons will act as the first Officers and Directors of the Society until the first annual meeting:-

Enn Lepnurm, President, 441 E. Keith Road, North Vancouver, B.C.

Erika Tammpere, Vice-President, Director, 2831 West 12thAvenue, Vancouver, B.C.

Lydia Mirk, Secretary, 761 W. 8th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C.

Uno Kallas, Treasurer, 1334 Nicole Street, Vancouver, B.C.

Lydia Poulton, Assistant Secretary, Director, 2778 E 47th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C.

August Karise, Director, 294 East 18th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C.


We, the several persons whose names and addresses are subscribed are desirous of being formed into a Society in pursuance of the foregoing Constitution and By-Laws.


                 Dated at the City of Vancouver, in the Province of British Columbia, this 18th day of February, A.D. 1955.