Sea Captains and families of Käsmu

Johannes Suksdorf (1881-1925) married Elisabet Mikenberg (1891-1966)

Son of Jakob Suksdorf (1849-1918), a shipbuilder and owner, one of the founding members of the Käsmu Maritime School that certified sea captains and Maia Tiina Kristenbrun (1853-1935).  Jakob's parents were Jüri Suksdorf (1811-1877) & Kai Pruun (1819-1888).  Kai Pruun's parents were Juhan Pällu (1788-1838) and Ann (1784-1836) -name changed in 1835 to Pruun.

Joannes Suksdorf 

Magnus Mikenberg (1865-1928) married Juliane Lepni (1868-1941)

Johannes Suksdorf with his family from left to right:   Nelli, Jakob, Elisabet, baby Elisabet and Asta